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WIN Global Message


It’s a great honour for me to welcome you to the 2016 Women in Nuclear Global annual conference. Each year we bring together members who are working hard across the fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications to help further their professional skills and careers, and to make an important contribution to the vital issues which face our world.

That is why the fact that we are meeting in Abu Dhabi this year is so important. You are taking part in an historic event. It’s the first time we are holding our conference in an Arabic nation, and reflects just how much the field of energy production is changing right around the world. Our hosts, the United Arab Emirates, are committed to using the peaceful application of nuclear energy to make a profound contribution to addressing climate change. That’s a bold commitment, especially here in an oil-rich region. It shows that the UAE is determined to help the world reduce carbon emissions.

Their vision is perfectly aligned with ours: WiN Global supports nuclear energy as a major part of the worldwide fight to fight climate change. At COP21, in Paris last December, our organisation took part in the Campaign for Nuclear Energy, and we argued that nuclear energy should be recognised as an important low-carbon option. We represented our powerful Women in Nuclear Declaration for Earth Climate. We had discussed and developed it during our conference in Vienna last August, and it received a lot of positive attention.

We need to argue positively for nuclear energy. Especially amongst women. Research shows that women around the world are less accepting of the nuclear option. We need to communicate its benefits and prove that its peaceful use will benefit the environment now and long into the future. I believe that women will respond to that argument, and we can change perceptions.

And Abu Dhabi is already changing perceptions about nuclear energy, which is why it’s so appropriate – and exciting – to be here. I’m sure that we will be able to enjoy all that Arabic culture offers in this wonderful place, from its history, culture and nature to its unique vision of the future for the region.

I’d like to thank Ms. Hasna Alblooshi and the organising committee of WiN ENEC-UAE for being such welcoming hosts, and to ENEC for their generous sponsorship of the event.

I hope you have a fascinating, full and fun time!

Dr Se-Moon Park
President WiN Global