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Mark Ludi

Mark Laudi is a mentor in media and presentation skills to C-suite executives, elected politicians and senior government
officials, and a sought-after speaker, conference anchor and panel moderator at business conferences.

This follows a 14-year award-winning career in radio and television.
At CNBC Asia Pacific, he held almost every position in the newsroom: behind the camera he was Producer and
Australia Editor, and in front of the camera he was Stock Reporter, Anchor and Field Reporter.
At age 28, Mark launched CNBC Australia in Sydney as Bureau Chief.
In Singapore, he was a member of the inaugural production and presentation team of English-language talk radio
station 938LIVE.

He started his media career at age 21, becoming Australia’s youngest radio current affairs show host at ABC

Having spent many years in South Africa, Germany and Australia, Mark has called Singapore home for more than
18 years. This means he competently straddles both Asian and Western societies and is able to put the cultural
traits and customers of one, into the context of the other.
Mark conducts Media & Presentation Skills MasterClasses for senior executives at a large number of multinationals
in a wide range of industries, such as financial services, technology, logistics and pharmaceuticals.
He has coached many senior executives in Asia and the Middle East, covering both media skills as well as public
speaking engagements and conference presentations.

Most of his clients are multinational companies, which engage Mark frequently to coach new senior executives because
of his depth of research and ability to link presentation skills with their key business outcomes.
Recent examples:Senior Leadership Team of a major resources company, preparing for a corporate restructure.
Senior Leadership Team of a global bank, preparing for a difficult investor briefing. A global technology company,
which chose Mark over their WPP agency of record to conduct media training for all their senior executives. A
global healthcare company, which chose Mark to run their crisis communications workshop for executives from
around the region. Executives from Europe also attended. In aggregate, the feedback score of the workshop was
4.9/5.0. A sovereign wealth fund, which chose Mark to coach their senior executives to prepare them for road
shows and investor presentations.

Laudi has also very strong GCC ties and has hosted the Arindon Investor Relations Conference in Bahrain and
Bank of Singapore market outlook events in Dubai, to name two.