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Panel 4: Gender Equality in the Nuclear Industry
Gabriele Voigt
Co-founder and co-director of
Radiation Environment Management consulting

Gabriele Voigt is the Former Director IAEA Vienna/Seibersdorf, former Section Head of Risk analysis of the Institute of Radiation Protection at Research Center for Environment and Health Munich, now c-founder and co-director of r.e.m.

She achieved the coordination of EC Projects on Remediation of Chernobyl affected countries, restructuring of IAEA Laboratories, Construction of a new Safeguards Nuclear Laboratory in Seibersdorf. Moreover, Gabriella has over 150 publications and book contributions in intern. refereed journals, Editor of Journal Environmental Radioactivity, WiN IAEA vice president, WiN Europe vice president, and WiN Global Executive and Board Member, WiN Global President elect, WiN special award 2014, WiN award 2007, several leadership awards.