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Panel1: Regulator’s Current and Future Issues
Elina Hannele Martikka
Section head, Nuclear Materials
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, STUK

Elina Marthika has extensive experience in the nuclear background. She is currently the section head of Nuclear Materials in Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). Furthermore she is the Deputy of the Emergency Preparedness Manager in the On-call Preparedness System and an Expert on Duty, STUK’s Emergency Preparedness Duty System.

As an Expert of the IAEA, Ms. Marthika has accomplished Safeguards Implementation Practices for Establishing and Maintaining State Safeguards Infrastructure (IAEA Services Series 31). She was a course director for the Inter-regional Training Course on Regulator-Operator Interfaces and Implementation of National Requirements for Nuclear Power in Finland.

Mrs. Marthika supported IAEA Workshop on Effective Management of Safety, Security, and Non-proliferation Issues at Operating Nuclear Facilities in the USA. In addition, she was the Chairperson in Austria for the Technical Meeting on Safety, Security and Safeguards “Interfaces and Synergies for the Development of a Nuclear Power Program”.

Moreover, she supported various IAEA training course such as State System of Accounting and Control for Nuclear Materials, Use of Nuclear Material Accounting and Control for Nuclear Security, Safeguards and Security, and the Implementation of the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and Additional Protocol.