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ENEC WiN Message

I am very proud to be a part of this momentous event. It is hugely significant for both the Women in Nuclear Global and the UAE.

350 members and representatives will be welcomed here in Abu Dhabi, from where they can speak to the world about how the peaceful use of nuclear energy can make a significant contribution to addressing climate change, reducing carbon emissions and adding to the economy.

The conference is an important platform from which to communicate to those already interested in the subject, but to those who would benefit from further insight into about the role that nuclear energy can play in securing the future of the Earth. WiN members will be able to share knowledge and network so they can generate new collaborative endeavours, with the global community and especially the UAE.Women have played a vital role in the UAE’s recent development, and they continue to do so in increasing numbers. I believe that all women in business have a responsibility to mentor and encourage others to do more now and into the future. They are uniquely equipped to do that, not only in business, but in academia and wider society too.

The UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program is very close to my heart. In my role as the Women in Nuclear Chairperson for the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), I know just how important the project is for the diversification of the UAE’s economy. It will help us develop our society and grow our economy. And women are playing a big part in that strategy: in fact, 20% of ENEC’s employees are female, and work in positions which range from nuclear engineers to project managers as well as support staff.

That is a great achievement, especially in what has traditionally been a very male-dominated field. In the UAE we are determined to change perceptions and re-shape the nuclear sector beyond the area of energy. In the UAE women are pioneering nuclear applications in healthcare and medicine so that more people can be helped and more lives can be saved.

Of course, there are many people who are unsure about the benefits of nuclear power. I believe that’s because they have not been informed about nuclear power in the right way. Women are vital in helping to show the world that nuclear can a difference to society.

The fact that the WiN Global Annual conference is being held here in Abu Dhabi has already helped to build our nation’s relationship with the international scientific community, and is also contributing to women’s’ developing role in society.

We are all colleagues, working together to make our world a better place, and I look forward to meeting you and forging a vital global network of like-minded professionals.

Hasna Yousif Al Blooshi
ENEC WiN Chairwoman